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Individual Software Typing Instructor Gold 1.0 REPACK
14.06.2019, 16:45
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Individual Software Typing Instructor Gold 1.0 REPACK
Individual Software Typing Instructor Gold 1.0 REPACK

[Bild: 095f05e8-eb87-4a15-b94a-78c8013a32b7.png]

Individual Software Typing Instructor Gold 1.0 REPACK | 452.1 MB

Typing Instructor Gold is the most advanced Typing Program available. It presents Typing Instructor in full-screen size and rich color for the optimum Typing Instructor experience for typists. No other Typing tutorial is more entertaining and educational.

Pack your bags and get ready to go on a Worldwide Typing Adventure! Travel through time, go on Safari, or take a trip around the world as you learn to type or improve your typing skills. Typists begin their adventure in the Travel Port where they select a unique travel adventure. First stop: the prehistoric era, or Antarctica, or Australia! Each typing adventure is packed with so much fun and motivation, typists forget they are learning to type.
They'll progress through the Adventure by taking lessons, tests, typing challenges and playing fun typing games using just the keys they have learned and practiced in lessons and tests. When they complete the typing activities at a destination, they'll receive a stamp in their passport. When the passport is full, they have completed the adventure and are on their way to becoming Touch Typists.
Packed with Motivation
The ultimate reward of the Adventure is completing all typing activities in the Adventure and filling their passport with stamps from each stop on their journey. Typists can take all three Adventures and visit 36 exciting destinations.
Practice Terminal
There are several fun ways to practice. Typists can take a break from their typing adventure at any time to check out the Practice Terminal. Here they'll find an arcade where they can choose to play any of Typing Instructor's games. Additional lessons and tests, not included in the adventure, are also available. Typists can also create their own custom lessons and tests. Typists can practice dictation, choosing from a library of diverse materials. They can also practice typing an article or story, choosing from hundreds of topics in the magazine rack or even create their own personal magazine.
Adventure Tools
Take the Tour to learn everything about Typing Instructor. The Travel Port shows typists where they are on their Adventure, where they are going next, and what keys they will learn. The Passport shows stamps of the places they have visited so far. Typists can display a variety of graphs in the Saved Results area to see their performance on all their completed typing activities; lessons, tests, articles, and even games. Users can see their progress and the keys on the keyboard they need to practice. Typing Instructor's Dynamic Learning feature evaluates Typist's Results to determine weak typing skill areas. Once identified, Typing Instructor automatically creates specific lessons for the typist to improve weak areas.
Hours of Fun
Typing Instructor has unique games to keep typists interested in playing. This repetitive activity builds finger-to-key memory and before they know it, they are well on their way to becoming Touch Typists! Games can be played in a variety of ways, including different levels of difficulty to keep typists interested in continuing to the next level. Games can be played with just the keys they have learned so far, or with all the keys on the keyboard.
Adventure Settings
There are many program controls in Typing Instructor. Typists can select English or Spanish and a Typing Plan that fits their skill level - there are 20 unique plans! Typists can even build their own custom plan, as well as adjusting their goal word per minute at any time.
Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8, or Windows 7
580 MB Hard Drive Space
800 x 600 16-Bit or Higher Display
16-Bit Sound Card
Speakers or Headphones


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