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Zuken E3.series 2019 P3 Build 20.03 (x86-x64) Multilanguage
27.09.2019, 16:03
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Zuken E3.series 2019 P3 Build 20.03 (x86-x64) Multilanguage
Zuken E3.series 2019 P3 Build 20.03 (x86-x64) Multilanguage

[Bild: th-u-FDMQye-Lf3-Lo-E9-P2s-YOGp-MYPgipi-Oo-Wi.png]

Zuken E3.series 2019 P3 Build 20.03 (x86-x64) Multilanguage | Languages:Multilanguage | File Size: 3.34/3.72 GB

E3.series is a true concurrent electrical engineering environment supporting advanced requirements for electrical documentation, cabinet and wire harness design and manufacturing outputs. E3.series facilitates an efficient and accurate design and manufacturing process for electrical and fluid planning, cable planning, and wire harness and cabinet layout. Its object-oriented architecture provides an integrated and consistent design approach to help eliminate errors, improve quality and reduce design time. E�.series is available in different configurations as a node locked or floating license that can be accessed by mulitple users. In the configuration E�.enterprise, several users can work simultaneously on large projects, with all modifications being visible in real time to all users. E�.enterprise comprises integrated user and access management capabilities.

An object-oriented systems architecture built on a central database for all applications ensures continuous synchronization across all engineering stages. E�.series projects contain all views of an electrical and/or fluid system. With bidirectional interfaces into leading MCAD toolsets, and a large selection of modules for specific applications, E�.series is a complete design and manufacturing solution for wiring, cabinet and harness in an industrial environment.

E3.series Features:

Multi View Project Files:
E3.series projects contain all aspects of your design (schematics, cable plans, control panels, formboards and fluid detail). All dynamically linked; a change in one is automatically reflected in all.

Real Time Desing Rule checks:
Core to E3.series are the built-in design rule checks (DRCs) that include automatic part selection, duplicate device name prevention, short-circuit avoidance and incorrect wire gauge allocation.

Component Driven Desing:
A feature unique to E3.series is its intelligent component library. Parts pulled from the component database include all symbols required by the engineer. The online bill-of-materials and master references automatically track contact locations, speeding up the design process and improving accuracy.

2D/3D and Wire harness Desing:
E3.series enables collaborative design for cabinets, wire harnesses and fluid systems. Integrations with all major MCAD vendors enable efficent exchange of geometric and electrical parameters supporting full digital mock-ups.

System Requirements:
OS:Windows Server 2008 R2 (x64)/Windows Server 2012 (x64)/Windows Server 2012 R2 (x64)/Windows Server 2016 (x64)/Windows 7 SP1/Windows 8.1/Windows 10 (x86-x64)
-CPU:2 GHz CPU or higher
-RAM:at least 4 GB RAM or more
-Display:19" monitor with 1280*1024 with True Color or Wide Screen monitor; alternatively DualScreen solution.
-Hard Space:at least 10 GB free disk space on the hard disk (for the normal installation)
-there's no special demand for the video card.
Whats New:
Zuken E3.series 2019 P3 Build 20.03 Release Notes:
-When adjusting the segment length the following error may occur (with loops and options) 'Impossible to adjust segment length, because segment is connected.' => more clear error message
-"Purge unused objects..." unconnects conductors and deletes the devices connected to it

-The initial opening of MU-projects may take longer in a newer version
-Graphic for drills (restricted areas) changes from 2D to 3D display at changeable models

-Selection of a Formboard-view in tree leads to W - ? cannot change signal to **NC**, it is connected. E - Error in function hnpins\build_xxxpin_name, ret = 11, E - Error in function hn
pins\build_xxxpin_name, ret = 13, E - Error in function iditem\ident_item_describe_direct(), ret = 2 -The modification of a connection doesn't fit to the grid

-At pin connection no active mating connectors are created
-Error at dxf/dwg export E - Error in function CDWGDirectExport::addBlock() Invalid Symbol Table name, ret = 0
-Wrong 'symbol assignment' in dialog page 'Pin assignment' with a feed-through connector including a documentation symbol
-Connect line disappears after component has been placed
-Device table displays invalid attribute values
-When inserting a text in COM with the aid of the description, the translated has_variant(int,int,int,int *,int *), ret = 2"
-Opening e3s projects in new Patch takes long
-When a connector pin terminal is changed, the update is not displayed in the Formboard table of the other client Designer-34605 Auto Routing (horizontally) skips the upper connection at multi-select

-If a correct project is written as Subcircuit and read in again, it comes to a validation - 'E - STRUCTURE_NODE_ITEM/[xxx]::attnamptr points to [xxx] which doesn't exist' or 'E - TEXT_ITEM/[xxx]::varptr points to [xxx] which doesn't exist'

-Saving a converted project as e3s from Multiuser returns "invalid changes found"
-Wrong or no display of preview symbol of component or of the selected symbol in database tree in preview window if the component version is "old"

-Wrong symbol for text alignment in icon bar used when opening the sheet with read-only protection
-Texts are not translated when adding symbol texts with COM using translation texts with 'Description' -When devices are placed in fields on a Panel sheet, they don't inherit the higher level assignment/location although this setting is checked

-Wrong display of core logic at pin of type 'passes wires' (Splice)
-Different Connect behavior between version 2014A and 2018

-EXE that was connected to DBE and afterwards has been closed, still runs the transaction
-Import of a sub-circuit leads to error message - 'E - text position ([xxx]) is outside bounding box ([xxx]) ([xxx])'


[Bild: th-o-Yls-K6-Q7-EFz9s-Lrud-X1y-Qh1-N5-QLzj7v-I.png]



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